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Informal fallacy

Informal misconceptions can be defined as unclear concepts. If someone gets another meaning of your words that do not speak by you so it is a misconception or fallacy. It is very common in our daily lives. 

Examples: Don't complete your journey if a black cat comes in your way. 

The cause of the error can be related to the substance and context of the argument, rather than only the form of the argument, as is the case with formal fallacies.


There can be so many types of misconceptions according to a person's thinking. Below mentioned are the common misconceptions: 

● Language fallacy : somebody wants to say something but doesn't use appropriate words to convey his message properly. 

● Person's assumptions : somebody wants to say something but the listener will understand other things or probably what they want. 

● Dual meaning words : if Speaker mostly uses dual-meaning words, then fallacy will easily be generated.