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What is mammography?

Mammography (also known as mastography) is an X-ray of one's breast. A mammography exam, often known as a mammogram, is the medical procedure examines the human breast for cancer detection and screening using low-energy X-rays. It aims to early detect location of breast disease by finding trademark masses or microcalcification (a little calcium deposit in the breast). Such breast cancer screening is called a screening mammogram or mammography screening.

What are mammogram recommendations?

  • Mammography must be done regularly between 54 and 70.
  • Some studies suggest that the screening should start at 40 years of age and continue to 69 years.
  • Screening should be done as long as a woman is in excellent health and expects to live for another 10 years or more.


What are the dangers of mammography?

  • Exposure to low dose radiation
  • This procedure may be painful
  • Screening mammography may not detect all cancers, as breast tissue is dense.
  • Not all screened cancers are curable