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What is head lice infestation?

The infection of the head hair and scalp by the head lice is called Head lice infestation (pediculus humanus capitis). It is also known as pediculosis capitals.

Lice bites cause a lot of itching. The itch may not appear for up to six weeks after a person’s first infection. The eggs of head louse are called nits.


What are the symptoms of head lice infestation?

  • itching
  • trouble in sleeping 
  • tingling sensation in hairs
  • sores on the scalp.

What is the cause of head lice infestation?

  • head louse (lice) spread by direct contact 

How is head lice infestation treated?

  • combing the hair with a fine-tooth comb 
  • shaving the head 
  • medications for executing lice.
  • hair oil like tea tree oil