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What is cyst?

A cyst is a closed sac with a distinct membrane and division compared with a neighboring cell. It is a collection of cells that have gathered to create a sac.

A cyst typically contains a gaseous, liquid, or semisolid substance and has a capsule-like outer wall (capsule).



  • Ganglion cyst: forms around a tendon, most commonly near the wrist.
  • Baker's cyst: in the popliteal area behind the knee that contains joint fluid.
  • Dermoid cyst: a benign ovarian tumour.
  • Pilonidal cysts: develop in the soft tissue at the base of the lower back's tailbone (coccyx), immediately above the natal cleft (the cleavage between the buttocks)
  • Nabothian cyst: a mucus-filled cyst on the surface of the uterine cervix 
  • Bartholin's cyst: swelling of small glands around the vaginal opening