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Biological weapons

Biological weapons or biological warfare is the intentional employment of biological poisons or infectious agents like bacteria, viruses, insects, and fungus to kill, damage, or incapacitate humans, animals, or plants as a kind of battle.

Biological weapons often called as "bio-weapons", "biological threat agents", or "bio-agents".

Biological agents such as anthrax, botulism, neurotoxin, and cholera may make up a serious public health threat because they can cause a huge number of deaths in a short period of time and are difficult to contain. If the Ebola or Lassa viruses were used as biological weapons in bioterrorism strikes, an epidemic may develop.



  • Category A: high mortality, quickly spread, requires special attention. Bacillus anthracis(anthrax)
  • Category B: moderatel infection rates, moderate morbidity. Vibrio cholerae (cholera)
  • Category C: easily produced, potential for high morbidity and fatality. Nipah virus and hantavirus, Influenza.