Information in simple English

What is arthritis?

Arthritis is a common disease caused by joint inflammation that can affect one or multiple joints. The areas that are most affected by arthritis are the feet, hands, hips, knees, and lower back. 


What are the symptoms of arthritis?

Talking about the symptoms of arthritis, usually, it will develop over time but sometimes it can appear suddenly. Some of the shared symptoms of arthritis include:

  • Worse joint pain in the morning as persons with arthritis take a longer time to get warm 
  • Crepitus in joints is a sound of cracking or grinding bones that should not be ignored. 
  • Joint deformities;  might develop bony overgrowth and other changes that can cause lumps and other deviations.


How arthritis is treated?

  • Resting
  • Loss of weigh
  • Execise
  • Joint replacement : joint surface is replaced with an orthopaedic prosthesis


Can one prevent arthritis?

Some kinds of arthritis can be prevented by altering risk factors within your control. Overweight and obesity, joint problems, and smoking are all risk factors that you can control.