Information in simple English

What are antibiotics?

Antibiotic is a medicine used against some bacterial infections both for human and animals. It’s an antimicrobial substance and the most important agent working against bacteria in our body. Bacteria are the germs that cause infection in your body.

Role of antibiotics:

Their job is to kill the bacteria or inhibit the growth of bacteria causing infection in our body. Moreover, these substances don’t allow, bacteria to develop and disperse in your body. These antibiotics don’t work on some viral infections which include flu, cold, sore throat, and most cough.,

Side effects:

Usually, these elements don’t have any side affects but very barely. Such as they may drop the blood count level hence dropping the count level of white blood cells which fight the bacteria. If one stops the medication the count level of white blood cells will balance back.

Sometimes diarrhea, skin rash, and fever may be caused by pencil in.


Famous example of this substance is penicillin, cephalosporin, and tetracycline’s.