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What is alcoholic liver disease?

Alcoholic liver disease(ALD) refers to liver harm because of extra alcohol intake. There are many ranges of severity and more than a few related signs.


What causes alcoholic liver disease?

  • Heavy use of alcohol. 
  • Fatty liver can take place who beverages a lot. 
  • Long-term alcoholism found in addicts is linked to alcoholic hepatitis and cirrhosis.

What are the signs and symptoms of alcoholic liver disease?

  • nausea
  • lack of appetite
  • jaundice
  • fatigue
  • belly discomfort
  • improved thirst
  • swelling with inside the legs and abdomen
  • weight loss
  • darkening or lightening of the skin
  • crimson palms or feet
  • darkish bowel movements
  • fainting
  • uncommon agitation
  • temper swings
  • confusion
  • bleeding gums
  • enlarged breasts (in men)