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What is Addison's disease?

Addison's disease is an uncommon long-term endocrine illness marked by insufficient production of the steroid hormones cortisol and aldosterone.

Cortisol controls how the body reacts to stressful conditions. Aldosterone aids in the control of sodium and potassium. Sex hormones are also produced by the adrenal cortex (androgens).

What are the signs and symptoms of Addison’s disease?

  • loss of power or motivation (fatigue)
  • muscle weakness
  • low mood
  • lack of urge for food and unintended 
  • weight loss
  • extended thirst

How is Addison’s disease treated?

  • Medications: take an aggregate of glucocorticoids medicines (pills that forestall inflammation) to enhance your fitness. 
  • Home care: keep an emergency package that comprises medicinal drugs handy at any respect time.