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Virtual reality

Virtual reality (VR) is the computer generated simulation that allows human to engage with an artificial world. A sophisticated blend of software and hardware made virtual reality possible.

VR technology uses multi-projected environments or VR headsets with a small screen in front of the eyes to generate realistic sounds, sights, and other experiences that simulate a user's actual presence in the virtual world.

Augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality, sometimes known as extended reality (XR) are two further types of VR-style technologies.


  • Education
  • Architectural and urban design 
  • Digital marketing and activism 
  • Engineering and robotics 
  • Entertainment 
  • Virtual communities 
  • Fine arts 
  • Healthcare and clinical treatments 
  • Heritage and archaeology 
  • Occupational safety
  • Social science  
  • Psychology


  • Enhance visualization
  • Collaborative learning
  • Imaginative and creative user experience.
  • Effective communication


  • High-priced
  • Undermine Human Interaction
  • Lack of flexibility
  • Addiction