Information in simple English


In the computing world, the term "torrent" generally refers to a computer file that has metadata holding many pieces of information. Computers in the BitTorrent ‘swarm’ each other without the need for a central computer, i.e. these computers download and upload the same torrent between each other.

A torrent download can be done in fragments, so in reality you’re actually downloading bits of pieces of the full content which is later reassembled when all of the pieces are received.

How does a torrent work?

A torrent file works as a table of contents (index) that allows computers to discover information via BitTorrent client (e.g. uTorrent). A torrent file gives addresses of computers that can send parts of the requested file. Small parts of the original file can be downloaded from computers that have previously downloaded it using a torrent file. These "peers" allow the file to be downloaded besides or instead of the principal server.

Because BitTorrent technology is so simple to use, many torrent users unintentionally download copyrighted files. Of course, many nations frown on this, and several have enacted laws forbidding unauthorised downloads through incarceration. 



  • Decentralized
  • Works on slow internet speed
  • Proficient in utilizing partially downloaded files
  • Easy accessibility.



  • Lack of genuine 
  • No tracking for obscure content
  • Lack of Privacy