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Operating system

Operating system (OS) is the programme that is used to manage the resources of a hardware and software of computing devices like computers, the web serves, smartwatches and smartphones.

It can be called a platform that creates a connection between the user and the hardware.

What are the most common OS?

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Apple macOS
  • Linux
  • Android and
  • Apple’s iOS

What are the functions of OS?

  • operate the resources of the computer
  • make ease for users to understand and interact with computers
  • provide services for applications software
  • manages disk drives, printer, and memory of the computer
  • processing, memory and device management
  • provides security
  • error detecting aids

What are the types of OS?

  • Time-sharing operating systems: UNIX, Windows NT Server
  • Distributed operating systems: Solaris
  • Multi-Programmed operating systems: Windows O/S
  • Network operating systems: Windows Server 2003,2008
  • Real-Time operating systems (RTOS): PSOS, VRT