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Click-Through Rate (CTR) is the ratio of users clicking on a certain link to the total number of users who view a page, email, or advertisement.

CTR is a term that is used in online advertising. When a visitor clicks on one of the advertising on a website, the publisher normally receives money from the advertiser (the PPC pay-per click model).

CTR determines the effects of an ad on its viewers for a specific page. For instance, if an ad was viewed by 100 users and only 5 of them clicked it then, its CTR will be 5%.



  • Every cent is being tracked.
  • Ad placement that is specifically targeted.
  • Providing what your client's desire
  • No to low-cost barrier.


  • Clic fraud
  • Increasing CPCs (costs per click) and bidding wars  
  • Time required to keep an eye on things