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CPU stands for the central processing unit. It is the portion of the computer used to execute the command given by the user. It is essentially called the brain of the computer, simply can be referred to as a central processor or main processor because it controls all of its functions.

 The CPU performs all types of data processing operations like, it stores data, intermediate results by following all the instructions. The Arithmetic Logic Unit and Control Unit are the most important parts of the CPU.



Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU) is a critical part of the CPU that does arithmetic, comparison, and other activities. It completes all the chores required to complete all the instructions.



Control Unit (CU) is one of the most essential components of the CPU, and its primary function is to determine the most efficient manner of operation. It is in charge of directing the system and carrying out the user's commands. It directs and coordinates the majority of the computer's functions.


Types of CPU                                                                 

There are different types of CPU, which are classified as:

  1. Single-core
  2. Dual-core
  3. Quad-core
  4. Hexa-core
  5. Octa-core
  6. Deca-core etc.