Information in simple English


A bot is a software application that is designed for the internet to run tasks automatically. It is a robot that works on its own under some specified, programmed instructions, normally present inside the messaging apps. A bot may be helpful in customer response centers and detects the message from the customer and sends the answer to the customer's query on its own. 

An Internet bot, web robot, or robot is another name for it.

Some other bots used by cyber crooks to steal information or infect a host called Malicious bots.

The usage of CAPTCHA is the most extensively utilised anti-bot tool for such threads. Recaptcha, Minteye, Solve Media, and NuCaptcha are some of its suppliers.

What are different types of bots:

  • Spider bots: formed to browse website pages across the internet. Search engines are an example of these bots.
  • Scraper bots: designed to gain data from internet websites. These also can save the data offline.
  • Scrap bots: used to index the information on the page
  • Social bots: produce generate automatic messages in social media. There are around 15% social media bot accounts on Twitter.
  • Discord bots: AIs (artificial intelligence) that can automate a variety of functions and issue bot commands on your server.
  • Malicious bots or botnets:
    • Spam bots : programmed to get email addresses from the spam folder of emails.
    • Programs that use up bandwidth by downloading full webpages
    • DDoS attacks
    • Viruses and worms
    • Botnets, zombies computers, etc
    • Viewbots: fake views

What are the pros and cons of bots?


  • Resource optimization
    • Time saving
    • Quick response
    • Faster repetitions
  • Onetime programming
  • Pre-defined procedures
  • Customer service


  • Credential stealing
  • Cracking passwords
  • Scrapping & spamming
  • Email acquisition
  • Fraud click